It's a glorious day and the sun is shining. I straighten my flower and glaze at the spotless floor untill what's this?. A shell. No that can't ruin my lawn. I look around and find Spongebob's clean lawn so i might as well make his dirty so that's where i kick it to. Spongebob pops out his wondow (Literally) and notices the shell. He also likes his lawn to be spotless too. So he get's an idea of popping to his garage for his Reef Blower. A noisy machine that can suck or blow items (Like a Vacum Cleaner). I was all mice and relaxed on my hammock until he shows up to ruin it. Even ear plugs won't stop it. He tries to get rid of the shell once but fails. Tries it again but fails. Tries it one more time but takes a pile of sand with him which has just landed on me and my dinner. Finally he comes over to get rid of the sand. Now my dinner is one leaf. Great. Then he blows the leaf making my watery face, Blows my face so it isn't. Another sand pile lies about so the maniac decides to rush over there (A You! caption pops up). He sitches the dial to reverse so it SUCKS instead, After that's done he admires his work but the Reef Blower goes insane and breaks down. He fixes it  and puts the parts back in then tries to work it. Fail. Tries for the last time pulling the cord as far as the edge of Bikini Bottom. Finally the Idiot let's go where he heads back through an Intersection where 2 dirvers are driving, through Bikini Bottom then back to our street only to be a complete Barnacle Head and suck the entire ocean out leaving us with no air. Luckly though Spongebob's machine explodes before i pass out causing the ocean to reture as normal. Spongebob then comes out of a sand pile and back to his now spotless yard while i get covered with sand and that shell that i was trying to get rid off. The screen cuts and the episode ends.